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The cake is not a lie~

23 June
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Let's get to know each other \(^o^)/
Hey! I guess you're on this page to find a little about me...so here it goes.
I'm Kpopmanga (if you follow me on twitter you'll find many people just calls me Jaz) I've been around LJ for a while (always coming and going). And I guess I'm just an average fan girl 8D nothing special.
My fandom changes way TOO often, but I love my DBSK boys (especially Jaejoong). In fact I still get annoyed at people who doesn't known kpop trying to steal Jaejoongie >.<. Don't get me wrong...I'm still willing to share ^^. You're more then welcome to ask me about all my other bias. Don't worry! I don't bite ;).
Just a word of warning. English is my second language, so my grammar and spelling are not the best. *Some of you probably spotted a gazillion and one mistakes in this introduction already >.<* So if you're someone who needs to read perfect beta-ed stories, then this may not be the site for you :(
Also, I like constructive criticisms, but please, unless it's constructive, do not post rude and offensive comments. I'm still a delicate child (not really ...I'm actually 18 *keke*). Also, please don't bash other people's comments, no one likes a cat fight.
Anyway, hope you will enjoy my story as much as I enjoy writing them!
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